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Howard's Hospital

Project brief

Howard's Hospital has faced struggles over the years, with 



Glendale, Zimbabwe


A day at Howard Hospital

Introducing the Tariro Clinic (HIV patients), Maternity Ward, Labour and Delivery at Howard Hospital.

Service Design for Healthcare

DesignAid founder Philippe Schlesser worked for 10 weeks at Howard Hospital, designing various tools and services for hospital staff and patients. Here, he describes the design process used and challenges faced while working in this low resource setting hospital in rural Zimbabwe.

God Bless Orphanage

This orphanage, called "God Bless" lies in Kartu Village in Zimbabwe and is run by Patricia Shaiso, who does an amazing job at raising and teaching the currently 72 orphans. The children live in and around the village and are supported by the orphanage, but raised in communal families. We spend a few days working on the orphanage's new sewing and seamstress training building to provide a skillset for teenagers that can lead to jobs in adulthood. The plans were drawn up, and a small sewing school was build to teach a handful of orphans the craft of sewing fabrics.

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