Emergenc(e)y / DesignCity

As part of DesignCity Luxembourg, Emergenc(e)y is an exhibition focusing on design for humanitarian use and emergency response. DesignAid exhibited the modular emergency shelter units 'TARPAD'  and their INDEX: Award nominated 'BAMBULANCE' project.



Exhibition and conferences held at Carré Rotondes, MUDAM and Cercle Cité, Luxembourg.


Emergenc(e)y opening night

TARPAD - emergency modular shelter units for short term disaster relief. Made of 100% recyclable HDPE.

TARPAD - emergency modular shelter units for short term disaster relief. Made of 100% recyclable HDPE.

Project Brief:


27.04.2012 > 03.06.2012


Emergenc(e)(y) is an exhibit conceived for Design City 2012 and produced by the CarréRotondes. Emergence, the first part of the exhibit, gives the floor to emerging designers from various European schools such as  l’ECAL (Lausanne) The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture (Copenhagen) and La Cambre (Brussels), while the Emergency part gathers designers and creatives around the theme of urgency. This vast subject covers social and environmental emergencies and analyses problems of (over) consumption and production, raising questions about our lifestyles. Emergency offers non-linear works that translate these different definitions, adding the physical notion of energency intervention, i.e. speed. The designers also playfully and poetically interpret the subject by modifying objects associated with medical emergencies, thus arriving at twenty very different projects/concepts. It is this committed vision of design that the exhibit hopes to reveal.


Designers & Agencies in Emergency

Bunker Palace, DesignAid (Philippe Schlesser & Jean-Paul Carvalho), Claudia Eustergerling Design, Greeen Inc. (Claude Ballini, Serge Ecker, Eric Pigat, Philipe Nathan), Heart Hotel, Anne-Marie Herckes & Laurent Daubach, Mathias Hoffman & Jeff Braun, Nathalie Kerschen & Benoît Lagacé, Sasha Lakic, Les M, Mik Muhlen, Pomfluo, David Richiuso, Dunja Weber

Exhibition design: Tom Lipscomb

Production: CarréRotondes within the framework of Design City 2012 – LXBG Design Biennale

Curators: Anna Loporcaro et Steph Meyers

With the support of : Design Luxembourg, Préfalux, Gardula Constructions, Audiovision.