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Project brief

In collaboration with the umbrella organization Sozial Affair, which partners with over a dozen social organizations in various domains, DesignAID created a collection of products that could be sourced and manufactured at the Sozial Affair protected workshops throughout Luxembourg by creating viable and educational products that are enticing to the consumer while creating awareness of social organizations and their mission.

The initial design concept focused on using the map of Luxembourg as 



Sozial Affair a.s.b.l.

5, rue du Kiem
L-1857 Luxembourg-Neudorf




ATP Ehlerange, a social non-profit organization focusing on psycho-social rehabilitation, partnered up to manufacture the models and prototypes of these wooden handcrafted cutting boards as a proof of concept. The cutting boards, while being playful and functional at the same time, offered a complexity of hand task and skill development in the manufacturing process.

The partner organization Défi-Job / Jailbird aims to manufacture the final product. The design could be used as serving boards at the table, smaller breakfast boards used a plates, or general kitchen serving platters.

We also created a smaller model as a product extension into consumables, which we used and refined as a mould to cast premium chocolate bars. This project can be explored in our collaboration with COOP 3000 ChocolaTRI project.


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